How much do electric garage doors cost?

How much do electric garage doors cost?


We often get asked ‘how much do electric garage doors cost

The answer obviously depends of course on what type of garage you have, its aperture, construction and what type of door you are looking for.

However, having an electric garage door installed may cost far less than you thought, and for the convenience and safety they provide, it is well worth at least considering them for your garage.

Think about arriving home and at the mere touch of a button, driving right into your garage without having to leave the comfort of your vehicle. With the flick or swipe of a button you can access your garage safe and secure from any potential outside danger.

No more fighting the weather, struggling in the dark searching for your key – install a remote control electric garage door system from Chalfont Garage Doors. Our electric automated garage door systems provide safety and convenience at a surprisingly low cost.

We can convert (or install from new) any type of garage door into an electric garage door, whether it is a Up and Over garage doors, Roller garage doors, Sectional garage doors or Side Hinged garage doors new or used. Chalfont Garage Doors also provide free site surveys, and a full installation and after sales service.


For more details, or to enquire about an electric garage door, please go our ELECTRIC GARAGE DOORS page


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