What’s in a colour?

From classic white to pastels – choose carefully

The huge choice of colours for your garage door can be bamboozling. Our guide will shed some light on the subject & help you make an informed decision. With that in mind, here are the top 5 Color Choices for Garage Doors.


White is an enduring, classic and always a popular choice. It is hard to get it wrong when you choose this colour. White garage doors are bright and clean looking. They are a safe bet to achieve curb appeal.

The downside of white is that it can shows marks and stains easier than a darker colour. (anyone ever owning a white car will know!)

Something to keep in mind if you have young children in your family or the garage is close to an area of lots of activities such as play or foot traffic.

Soft Grey

Grey has become increasingly popular as the new neutral when it comes to decorating.

Soft and pale, this shade has all the ingredients of the ideal garage door colour.

It will blend nicely into the background with brickwork and retains the all-important focal point on your beautiful home, front door & gardens – not the garage doors.

Black, or Dark Grey

Black has traditionally always been a very popular colour choice for garage doors. In some new housing developments, you may notice deep black-blue or dark grey as the “trendier” alternative shades to traditional “jet black.” However, when choosing black or a variation of black as your colour you need to take into consideration the other features of your home like the architecture design and your brick colour for example.

For a more contemporary look, you can paint your window frames the same colour. Black window trim is very much ‘in’ right now! Black is undoubtedly elegant and masks dirt easier than a lighter colour door. The downside of black is that it can look harsh if not done tastefully.

Beige or Taupe

Some brickwork will inevitably dictate what colour your garage door should be.

If you have brick that is in the beige/taupe colour family, then choosing a traditional beige or taupe will help your garage to blend in nicely and not make it fight with the overall surrounding colour scheme.

Walnut, Brown

If you prefer warmer, more earthy tones but prefer the idea of a dark colour for your garage doors, deep walnut brown or oak brown is a good choice for this.

Walnut or Oak Brown, if done properly, can look amazing, with a rich, quality, expensive appearance.

Pastel Colours

Brighter, vibrant pastel colours can look amazing and really ‘pop’.

But be careful because it can also go badly wrong and look like an explosion in a paint factory! Smaller garage doors especially lend themselves to a bright pastel shade.  

Should the Front Door and the Garage Door be the same colour?

Typically there is no right and wrong answer for this. It all depends on the facade of your property, location of the front door in relation to the garage door, and the colours involved. When done properly, matching front and garage door colour can be very pleasing and aesthetically sound.

Did you know?

Having the garage door in the same colour as your house can make your house appear bigger!

If your home facade is predominantly brick, find a color that blends in with the colour of the brick. This will ensure that the garage door will “blend” with the rest of the house.


If your front door has a very vibrant powerful colour, especially if red, blue or yellow,  it may be better to opt for a softer colour for your garage door such as a matching soft grey or white.

DON’T paint your garage door two colours – it is a very outdated look. 

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