GRP Garage Doors - We supply & install the very best GRP Garage Doors in the UK

GRP Garage Doors – We supply & install the very best GRP Garage Doors in the UK

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We supply & install the very best GRP Garage Doors throughout Bucks, Berks, Oxford, Herts, & London

These doors are designed and built using glass reinforced polyester which has been a proven method for over 50 years. Very much like boat building and motor vehicles they are finished to a very high standard. They offer strength as well as elegance that will enhance any property. GRP Doors are manufactured by hand using specially designed moulds which are then finished by skilled laminators. GRP Sectional Garage Doors are available in a gloss white or wood grain finishes, with more designs coming soon. Chalfont Garage Doors offers a free site survey, with a full installation package.

The benefits of a Sectional Garage Door are high. They will provide warmth to your garage space and ideal if used as a utility room. Sectional Garage Doors open and close vertically so a vehicle can park close to the garage and can benefit if using a 4×4 or suv’s with a roof box.

GRP doors are supplied in gloss or woodgrain matt finish in a wide choice of colours or in realistic wood effect tones – the ultimate in luxury without the maintenance.

There is a choice of gear type namely, Canopy or Retractable.

The Canopy gear type is suitable for limited headroom applications but is only available in single door sizes up to 2438mm wide.

The Retractable gear type is ideally suited for automation that provides comfort and security (please note that when an Up & Over garage door is fitted with automation it is supplied without a lock/lock handle)


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Retractable Door Gear

Retractable Door Gear

An alternative lifting gear for use with up and over doors. Horizontal tracks are attached to the top of the door frame to guide the door open, providing an exceptionally smooth opening and closing action, which is ideal for electric operation.

Trackless Canopy Door Gear

Trackless Canopy Door Gear

Up and over canopy doors are the most popular type of lifting gear in the UK, with a vast range of door styles to suit. Ideally matched to where there is limited headroom for tracks but with the advantage that automation is still available.


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